Regular Monday evening road rides

21st May 2018

During the summer months there is usually a road ride, varies where it starts…

Road Ride Monday 21st May

21st May 2018

Hello, I will be leading a road ride from The Bull Pizza Pub at…


22nd May 2018

Hi BEC's Members Weekly tennis is starting on Tues. 1/5/18 Please bring a racket,…

Regular Tuesday faster MTB ride

22nd May 2018

There is a faster MTB ridemost Tuesday evenings or occasionally on Wednesday evenings. Details…

Faster MTB ride.

22nd May 2018

Hi MTB'rs This Tuesdays ride will start from the Black Lion, Patcham (Miller &…


23rd May 2018

Although the tide looks unfavourable on 25th April. I hope to start the windsurfing…

Welcome to Brighton Explorers Club

The Brighton Explorers Club is a multi-activity outdoors club based in Brighton. We do a wide variety of activities including rock climbingroad cyclingmountain biking, walking, caving, kayaking, windsurfing, badminton, tennis, coasteering and surfing. BEC is all about encouraging members to get into the great outdoors! Like what you see? Come to our new members night, held on the second Wednesday of the month at 8:30pm at Brighton Sailing Club, 111 Kings Road Arches, on the lower sea front level, 200 metres to the east of the West Pier, to meet us. Or email the new members secretary, to find out more: newmembers@brightonexplorers.org