Yorkshire (At the luxury YRC hut near Clapham) – Sat 17th Apr 2010

We (Craig & Viv) got up to Clapham on Wednesday to be met 30 mins later by Simon Kay who had come down from Scotland by motorbike, how about that for timing!
The three of us went off to Horton for a fine walk on Thursday followed by a walk around Deepdale via Dent on the Friday all in very fine weather.
We were joined by Mark and Bec on the Thursday evening and on Friday they went climbing above Settle.
On Friday we were joined by Mike Raffe, Stefania and Antonio and Bruce Noble ready for a weekend of fun.
On Saturday Mark and Bec led the climbing contingent Stefania and Antonio, while Viv and Bruce went for a walk up Gordale scar and back via Malham cove with a spot of afternoon tea thrown in, how very English!

In the week day evenings Simon and I attacked a cave close to Jinging that we had spotted but had no details on, this turned into something of an “It’s a Knockout” challenge for us.
1) Thursday night 80 m rope down to the bottom of the entrance shaft follow small stream for distance to the top of a balcony pitch looks like 30m.
2) Friday night return with 80m, 40m and 30m ropes. All goes well until Simon finds himself down the third pitch at the bottom of the 40m rope with the bottom of the pitch still far off in the distance below. Regroup!

3) Saturday morning saw Mike join us on the hill bright and early with 218m of rope, all we have with us, this time we will not be beaten. We have calculated that this will now put us below the level of the river in the valley far below the cave entrance (as you may realise that is not a good place to be in Yorkshire)
Success! we reach the bottom of the aven, quite a big one by British standards and make our way to the sump. We found out on our return that this was Aquamole Pot and the Aven was Aquamole Aven, a well worth trip if you�re over that way, but take all your rope with you!

Saturday afternoon was spent pleasantly by Simon sunning himself on the side of the hill eating his sandwiches………meanwhile far, far below in the cold and dark Mike and Craig were badgering away at Bull pot another one to be recommended for a visit, again take all of your rope with you.

On Sunday Mark, Bec, Stefania, Antonio and Mike went climbing again in good weather whilst Simon, Viv and Craig headed south in an successful attempt to beat home the hoards returning from the north after Easter

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Fab accommodation in a lovely area and with lots of lovely climbing and walking. Why would you want to spend all day down a hole?

There was lots to see above ground and Bec, Mike, Antonio, Stephania and myself went off to find some good looking limestone at Malham Cove on Sunday. Given that some of the sport climbing seemed to be for superheroes only we happily trundled off for some trad leads high on the right wing with some lovely views of the cove below.

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