Wild camping and mountain hike – Fri 8th Aug 2014

Early start on Friday to get to Cwm Bychan (near Harlech) to park and climb the first mountain – Rhinog Fawr 720m. We 3 then worked our way over crags and an undefined route to camp by Llyn (lake) Morwynion. Failed in our attempt to get to Llyn Pryfed, partly due to very slow going over crags, but also due to decision to do most of the walk this Saturday due to impending bad weather on Sunday. Cut across heather, bogs, bracken to climb Clip and fantastic views along the ridge to Diffwys. Descended Cwm Moch to pick up the first proper footpath, then more “off-piste” to camp in a sheltered spot by Llyn Eiddew-mawr, after 11 hours of walking, with the impending storm coming. As we broke camp the rain stopped, so only 2 hours back to the car on Sunday. Thanks to Debbie and Ben for some of the photos, including the carnivores.

Posted by: Chris Crockett. September 29, 2014

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