Swanage Weekend – Climbing, Walking, Biking, Kayaking etc – Sat 9th Apr 2011

As a new comer to the group:- What a wonderful trip. We were spoilt by the weather of course, sun, sun, sun, beautiful sparkling sea and the views. The climbing was good for everyone, all weekend, visiting four sites and we were well kitted out 🙂 SUBLIMINAL, DANCING LEDGE AND WINSPIT.
Climbing a sea cliff for the first time, what can I say? – exciting! And there was enough wind for a lively sea to break against the rocks below -loved it. I abseiled outdoors for the first time no problem, thanks again.
Wildlife was plentiful. Campsite had everything including starry sky and impressive bird symphony. The local pub was very friendly indeed.
Ached the next day, in a good way. Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to everyone. Vicky

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