Surfing/Kayak Trip – 8th October 2016

Surf / kayak trip – beach at Westward Ho!

25 people headed down to Skern Lodge, Appledore, which is at the opposite end of the beach from Westward Ho!  Half the group opted for the comfort of bunks in the lodge and the rest toughed it out camping.  Well, it wasn’t exactly tough …. we had acces to the communal areas in Skern Lodge, with a room large enough to acccodate all of us, so no need to sit outside.  On Saturday night, it became a mini cinema, as Tim had brought a projector and we all watched an old surf movie ‘Endless Summer’.

18 of us completed beginners surfing training on the Saturday morning, provided by instructors from Skern Lodge.  It was windy and chilly when we were learning theory on the beach.  However, as soon as we were in the water, everyone was warm enough and had a brilliant time.  In the afternoon, we moved further down the beach to try to get some shelter from the wind, which was getting progressively stronger.  Some of us tried kayaking in the afternoon, but the wind was so strong, it was hard work paddling away from the beach.

The next day, we woke up to a beautiful morning and headed down the beach relatively early to catch the best surf.  We had perfect 2-3ft waves, which were ideal for surfers and kayakers.  The whole day was just perfect, the only drawback was that we had to leave to return home!  Skern Lodge was an ideal venue and I will aim to run another trip there next year.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the trip.    Pat



Posted by: Alex Parker. October 8, 2016

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