Summer BBQ & Beach Games BEC@50 Celebrations – 8th July

If you’ve been at the Club recently, you can’t have escaped the discussions about wetsuit boot throwing and the caving section leading the Limbo. But if you haven’t – it’s going to be a great day, and all are welcome – friends and family as well, so please bring them along. Just make sure they bring something to BBQ. They can get involved or clap on the sidelines, all are welcome.  So Guy, Hena and Judy have organised this so far…

Morning Explorer Activities (10am – 1pm)

Section Leaders will be rounding up their troops to lead a light activity that ends at the Sailing Club around 1pm. We’d like you to post on Facebook so we can virtually cheer you on, so please get one of your team to volunteer to be the Photographer. Best post wins a prize…  The BBQ will be on early at 1pm for morning teams to get in early after their exertions, just organise your own protein please.

BBQ will be ready! (2pm)

The BBQ will be on all day from 2pm for general members and friends & family, with salads and buns and sauces provided by your happy helpers Guy, Hena, Miyana, Ella and Judy. Just bring your meat, veggie or vegan bits to sizzle as usual.

Afternoon Volleyball & Beach Games (2pm – 6pm)

Toby will be running Volleyball. We’ll make up teams on the day, so just come along with your best slam and dunking gear, and get involved. This will be interspersed with Beach Games (some for the kids as well) – from Wheelbarrow race, to Egg & Spoon to Wetsuit Boot throwing… We’ll also be arranging some water games (sorry only BEC members to be safe here), maybe involving a kayak or two, and a swim to finish things off.

Evening Bar (6pm till late)

We’ve booked the Sailing Club for the evening, so please stay and enjoy the BBQ, a sun-downer or two, and the peacock displays of the winners.  There will be prizes…


If you are coming by yourself please make yourself know to Ella or Miyana and we will make sure you’ve got a buddy and are involved. We need BBQ helpers and Social Media Buffs to keep up a nice stream of posts, so if you’re handy on Facebook or can take a great picture, please let us know.  If you’re new to BEC or haven’t been along in a while – pop down to the Sailing Club and say hi, you could discover you have a talent for 3-legged racing you never know ;0)

Ella 07538013197

BBQ and Beach Games