Skye hiking/ scrambling/ swimming, 21-25 May 2015

BEC Skye bank holiday weekend in numbers:

12 – number of people who met at airport at start of weekend;
11 – number of people who actually got on plane to Scotland;
5 – number of hours drive to Skye;
1 – boat, the Bella Jane, cancelled due to bad weather;
10 – number of people who set out to walk to Coruisk hut instead;
2 – number of river crossings;
3ft – approx. height increase of river level above ‘stepping stones’ on second river;
10pm – time of dubious waist-deep river crossing where;
1 – person took a ‘swim’;

920m – length of Dubh step scramble up the longest rock ‘climb’ in the UK;
9 – number of people who set out to do Dubh step scramble;
9 – number of people who safely made it off the Dubh step bit;
9 – number of people who made it down the horrible scree;

1 – person who slipped above a waterfall at the very end of the day;
30ft – distance they fell;
6.15 – time they fell;
1 – number of legs broken;
0 – number of phones in the group which had a signal;

2 – number of people who hiked back up to top of ridge to try and find phone signal;
3 – number of people who stayed with casualty;
2 – number of people who returned to hut to get warm clothes and food;

1 – lovely sailor we met on the beach who gave;
1 – zodiac boat ride out past seals to his luxury yacht where;
4 – number of times we had to spell the ‘casualty’s’ name – Aeneas – to the coastguard and where we were given;
1 – walkie talkie used with the call sign ‘Moonshadow Mobile’;
9ish – time helicopter arrived with;
1 – very helpful paramedic who dropped out of the helicopter followed by:
4 – members of the Skye Mountain Rescue Team;
Late – time helicopter left with casualty, just as it got dark;

8 – number of our group who returned to the hut plus;
4 – number of sky mountain rescue team who we cooked dinner and made tea for;

3 – hours two people drove to Inverness hospital the next morning;
3 – hours one person drove back to Skye through torrential rain, directly correlated to:
3 – hours non-stop singing to power balads in attempt to keep herself awake including:
5 – times she sang eye of the tiger and
4 – times she sang final countdown;
Some – number of shots consumed by rest of group on a tour of the Talisker factory;
6 – people who went to the pub for a pint;
5am – time majority of them made it to bed;
7am – time last of them made it to bed;
5 – number of people who got up bright & early the next morning;
4 – number of hungover people who got thrown out of hostel at 11am;

3 – number of people who made it for a very cold swim in the Fairy Pools;

1 – person who stayed in Skye to go kayaking;
5 – number of hours driving back to Glasgow airport;
40 – minutes delay to flight home;
8 – number of members of original group who made it back to Gatwick airport.

Posted by: Joanna Glyde. May 30, 2015

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