Want help organising a trip?

I’ve organised a few trips over the years and would be very happy to help others orgainise their first trip or a joint trip, or just to chat about what is involved. There is also guidance in the on-line library, see Library on the main toolbar.

A few thoughts
1. The bottom line is that the organiser decides what sort of trip s/he wants to run.
2. Contact the vice chair, click ‘contact us’ on the main tool bar, if you want to check if a particular location or dates are likely to fit in any other peoples’ plans.
3. Trips can be as close to or as far from Brighon as you fancy. I have been on trips as close as Hampshire and Kent and as far as the Cairngorms, Dieppe and even Kenyna.
4. You can limit the number of people to a level that you can handle, so please don’t feel obliged to take on large numbers.
5. You can organise as much or as little of the activities during the trip as you choose. You let people know the range of activities that are available in the area and then the people who come are responsible for contacting one another and sorting out what they want to do and what gear etc. to bring. If there is a mixed group coming on a trip, it helps if the organiser can arrange in advance for someone to lead a walk, so there will be something that everyone can enjoy.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to organise a trip in mid-November or early December this year. I’ll be at the AGM, if you want to say hello.

Cheers – Elizabeth
01273 699590

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