Volunteers needed-Alzheimer's disease research

Dear Lee
i am a PhD student studying at Sussex University, currently running a research study investigating cognitive change across the lifespan in relation to risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease. I am looking for healthy adult volunteers aged 45-55 years from the local community to take part in the research. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to assist me in my search for volunteers by advertising the study to members of the Brighton Explorers club, in the hope some of them may be in the correct age-bracket and interested in participating. A colleague of mine mentioned members of the club had been enthusiastic volunteers in past research by the lab, and I would love to get them involved again. I have included a short advert below, with a few more details about the study. If it would be possible for you to inform members about the research, I would be really grateful.

Best wishes

Alzheimer’s Disease Research: Cognitive Change in Healthy adults (45-55 years)
The Ageing and Dementia group is looking for healthy adult volunteers, aged 45-55 years, for research exploring the trajectory of cognitive change across the lifespan. This is a two-part study, with the initial phase lasting approximately 10 minutes. A random sample of those who participate in phase 1 will be invited to participate in phase 2. Flexible time-slots will be offered around working hours. If you are interested in taking part, please contact claire.lancaster@sussex.ac.uk for more information.

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