Volunteer with the Brownies

Hi all,

As an outdoor loving bunch it would be amazing if you could check out the Brownies around Brighton and Hove. I attended a few meetings with the ladies that run it and they are really in need of some people just to help attend the meetings so there is a good adult/brownie ratio. If you enjoy yourself maybe you will get more involved as time goes by and can pass on some of your outdoor skills and who knows what the girls might teach you as well! They do trips away and days out also and I think the brownies would be lucky to have any of the Brighton explorers involved as you would be more physically active and involved than some of the leaders that currently run it.

If you are interested please contact Clare she is lovely and bubbly and can explain what’s involved but it would be super helpful if you could just lend an hour once a week so there are more adults present for the brownie meetings, the different branches can stay open and the girls don’t have to miss out on being a member! It’s not a commitment…if you can just attend when you are available they would be delighted! Contact the lovely Clare Williams on

I hope some of you give this a go! I am unfortunately moving away next week and will miss the explorers. It could be a really nice relationship for the two clubs to have!


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