Trip proposal: Ogwen Valley.

Hello all,
I’m thinking about trying to organise an Ogwen Valley trip as I thought it would be easy to get the numbers and some drivers due to it being good climbing and walking territory. We can also make use of our new BMC affiliation to open up a couple more accomodation options. So far I’ve found:

I’ve stayed at the ogwen valley bunkhouse one, can’t comment on the others apart from the yha’s great location, they seem to fill up quick so it would be great to gauge some interest – I’ll add a google spreadsheet to gauge dates and numbers.

I’d also be up camping, or wild camping, but having a base is quite nice in the evening and better if we have bigger numbers so groups can split up.

This would probably be some time between 2nd Week of August to Mid September

I’ll be coming down to the Sailing club tommorow (10th June) for the trip planning meeting.

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