Trip proposal: Ambleside to Keswick backpackin or hostelling 2-3 days

Hello all,
I’ve been thinking of organising a trip and as someone who doesn’t have a car I thought this would be good scalable trip as it can be done with trains and can be done without accommodation. So I just want to gauge some interest then can propose dates.

It could be 2 days, or a 3rd day could allow some time on the northern/NE fells. I would be gunning for a backpacking/wild camping trip but YHA Hellvelyn would be a good excuse to come off the main ridgeline do Swirrel and Striding edge. There are more hostel options at either end in Ambleside and Keswick.

I’d also be up for partnering up on organising a trip to the Western fells as they’re a fair bit harder to get to by public transport so would be a great option for a more substantial trip with cars.

This would probably be some time between 2nd Week of August to Mid September

I’ll be coming down to the Sailing club tommorow (10th June) for the trip planning.

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