The North Face – Founder Douglas Tompkins, 1943-2015, Conservation Legacy

Hi Lee and Tony, (assuming still involved in Brighton Explorers Club),

Apologies for the radio silence!

Saw enclosed item in the Sport Business trade press today and immediately thought of BEC, as I suspect that almost every member will have an item of clothing or equipment from The North Face!

Please post his death notice on the BEC website or include in a newsletter, where you deem appropriate, as Douglas would likely have been a BEC member if he had lived in our neighbourhood!!!

I have been working/living between Dublin and Lisbon for the past 12 months with a regular foray into London, but no time for a Brighton visit, my favourite place in the UK!

My plan is to remedy this in 2016, as moving back to England as part of an ‘start up’ venture in outdoor sports & events!

Will touch base early in the New Year!

Best wishes to you and BEC Members for the festive season!

Ciao from Dublin,

Gerry D

Read the article on page 1 of the pdf at:

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