Stephen Venables – Life After Everest – Tue 3 Nov

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Join us for an inspiring talk about Life After Everest and help us make an impact on Nepali people by donating for a good cause!

Tue 3 Nov** London, Royal Geographical Society / 07986 372558

** in support of Porters’ Progress UK & Mount Everest Foundation

Biographical note: Stephen Venables is one of the most well-known and respected mountaineers of his generation, a past president of the Alpine Club and the South Georgia Association, as well as being an accomplished writer, broadcaster and public speaker.

After climbing a new route up the world’s highest mountain, reaching the summit alone without oxygen and surviving a record bivouac at 28,000 feet, you might think that Stephen Venables would have decided to hang up his boots. Far from it. Record-breaking success on Everest was just the preparation for many more adventures around the world.

This new show, illustrated with stunning images, includes the tale of Stephen’s narrow escape from death in the Indian Himalaya. When an abseil anchor failed, he plummeted 300 feet down the mountain and found himself with two broken legs on a remote glacier 5,800 metres above sea level. Luckily he was with four of the best Himalayan climbers in the world, including Chris Bonington.

Other enthralling stories in Stephen’s talk include first ascents in Nepal, rock climbing from the Arctic to the Namib desert, and his most recent sailing expeditions to the coastal mountains of Tierra del Fuego, South Georgia and Antarctica. Climbing with such legendary figures as Chris Bonington, Reinhold Messner and John Roskelley, and following in the steps of explorers like Ernest Shackleton. Stephen continues to embrace a life of adventure amongst some of the most remote, beautiful landscapes on earth.

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