Rural film shoot locations

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a short film and we’re looking for some specific rural locations for the shoot. I’m sure there are people in BEC that know the local countryside very well, so if the descriptions below spark any ideas I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know.

Expanse of woodland big enough to get a long shot of someone running through them. Needs to have some dense bits with trees quite close together.

Reeds/Long grass
A field of reeds, long grass, wheat or similar. Must be head height and terrain that is safe to walk on i.e not swamp!

Derelict outbuilding
Single disused and derelict outbuilding, could be a old milking shed or similar farm building. Needs to have an entrance on one side and at least one other doorway inside.

Giant rocks
Big stones in a rural setting. Could be a rock outcrop, boulders, an inland cliff or quarry.

A bonus would be if these locations are within short driving distance of one another and within Sussex.

Any help is much appreciated!


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