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I am very excited to announce to your members the availability of the Mountain Weather UK (MWUK) smart phone App. This is the ultimate mountain weather App dedicated to providing weather information for all mountain regions in the UK. MWUK makes it easy for all your members to access all this information at their fingertips from their mobile phone.

Mountain Weather UK provides 5 day regional and specific mountain weather forecasts, observations, warnings and synoptic weather maps for all UK mountain areas.

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Here are some of the great features.
Mountain Area Forecasts
5-day forecasts for all UK mountain regions providing daily forecast summaries, freezing levels, high and low level temperatures, wind speed and directions, visibility, hill fog and mountain hazards.
Mountain Summit Forecasts
5-day forecasts for all major mountain summits in the UK with 3 hourly forecasts covering weather type, temperature, wind speeds, gusts and direction, visibility, precipitation probability, humidity and UV. Easily find mountain summits using the search feature, including regional maps of all major summits.
Weather Station Observations
24-hour observation data for all weather stations in each mountain area, including, Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Humidity, including regional maps of all observation stations.
Weather Forecast Maps
36-hour weather forecast Maps including precipitation, cloud, temperature and surface pressure and synoptic pressure charts.
Recent weather forecasts and weather station observations for quick access to all your favourite weather forecast and observational locations.
Nearest Locations
Nearest geographical area and mountain forecasts from your current location. Automatically updated depending on your location.
Quick access website links to other essential mountain services such as the Mountain Weather Information Service (MWIS) and the Scottish Avalanche Information Service (SAIS).
Mountain Weather UK is available for iPhone and Android mobile devices. Your members can download the app from the following App Stores


Google Play

Jonathan Yates

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