Ireland Trip for BEC 50th Anniversary!

Hi Fellow BEC Members,

I have rejoined and expect to be onsite more frequently in coming months… When there recently I floated an idea for a Multi-Sport Activity to Ireland next year as part of BEC’s 50th Anniversary and initial feedback was encouraging…

However, before I submit a detailed (and costed) proposal to BEC 50th Committee (yes, I have done some work already), I just wondered what time of year might be best for a large group or even smaller discpline groups – my thoughts are West of Ireland (County Clare or County Mayo have superb outdoor activity facilities and vistas) in early or late September would be perfect, as weather is generally a bit softer, as we say!

So minimum core group activities suggested as follows, as I am aware that most BEC members participate in more than one discipline…

CYCLING – Mountain Biking, Road Cycling & Touring
EXPLORING – Caving, Climbing, Coasteering, Walking
WATERSPORT – Kayaking (sea, lake & river), Windsurfing & Surfing

Any thoughts on timing please?

Ciao for now, Gerry D
M: 07785 770166 (although in Ireland now until August 24)

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