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A message from the CTC:

Over the summer, CTC learned from a member that Eurostar is planning on altering their cycle carriage policy, making it impossible to travel with them without boxing up your cycle first. There had been no consultation with cyclists about this change, and we now need your helpto stop this policy before it’s introduced on 1 November.

We believe this change in cycle policy is wrong on a number of levels:

Wrong because it throws a spanner in the works for new cyclists unfamiliar with dismantling their cycle;Wrong because it discriminates against people who use their cycle as a mobility aid; andWrong because Eurostar is not practising what it preaches in terms ofmaking sustainable travel easier

Across Europe we are seeing intercity trains switching to provide services which will allow the carriage of a complete cycle, right as Eurostar abandons it. This is why CTC, with the support of the European Cycling Federation (ECF), and together with the Belgian, Dutch, French and German cycle bodies wrote to the CEO of Eurostar, Nicolas Petrovic, calling on him to engage with cycling bodies and reverse the planned policy.

We now are calling on CTC members, supporters and cyclists from across the world to express their support for CTC’s ‘Zero stars for Eurostar’ by writing to them using oursimple online tool.

It will only take a quick minute to send the letter off, but your voice and support will help demonstrate to Eurostar that cyclists have a right to enjoy convenient train travel like everyone else.

Thank you so much for your support. You can keep updated on this ongoing campaign via the CTC website www.ctc.org.uk

Yours in cycling,


Sam Jones
Campaigns & Communications Coordinator

CTC, the national cycling charity
Web: www.ctc.org.uk/campaigns

CTC National Office
Railton Road

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