Come and try sailing with BSC – Sat 16th May

Hi All,

See offer from BSC to have a go sailing this Saturday. Obv how much of a go you get will depend on who turns up etc etc. So, if you fancy it pop down on Saturday morning. Will post more details here if/when I get them!


Hi Dawn, Hi Lee
Hopefully you are the right people to contact from BSLSC & BEC

I am the sailing secretary at Brighton Sailing club
In our calendar there is a “social sail” planned for the afternoon of Sat 16 May 15

At our committee meeting we thought it would be nice to include your clubs as well, if possible.
The general idea was that a few willing members will sail out, around & back several times, changing their crew (i.e. your members) each time.

So, as part of the preparations, I am going to ask which members are prepared to come down, launch their boat & take out either members from BEC or BSLSC

Depending on willing numbers, we may be able to offer a series of slots to your members to have a spin between the piers (exact logistics dependant on numbers and conditions etc etc!)

Obviously very fluid at this stage, but I will keep you informed
In meantime do you have any specific questions or pre-requisites?


Dear All
If you haven’t responded already then please do as tomorrow (Wednesday) I want to confirm sailing possibilities with BSC & BLSLC & BEC
We can use the main arch now & weather looks dry with 14mph westerly winds (hopefully bit cross off to stay flat)

So far we have:-
James on his Hobie 18 prepared to take out BSC / BEC / BSLSC
James offering use of his Hobie 16 to experienced helm who is prepared to take out BSC / BEC / BSLSC
John on his Hobie 16 prepared to take out BSC / BEC / BSLSC
Ali prepared to take out safety boat (but would like someone else on board to crew)
Mairachiara may turn up with some friends
Me & my daughter
Rolf & Els
? Jim Parrott??
? Dave Sanbatch & daughter Bobby??
? You??

Please let me know if you can make it


From: on behalf of Nigel Trinder
Sent: 08 May 2015 12:56
To: ‘Members BSC’
Subject: Sat 16 May 15 Social sail. Please reply…

Dear All
In our sailing calendar we have a “Saturday afternoon social sail” on Sat 16 May 15 (1pm onwards)

Its purpose is two fold
1) To offer the opportunity for our members to sail, with their friends & family, with other members, in an environment other than the usual Sunday races
2) To offer others (BSLSC children & BEC members) the opportunity to crew, in hope they enjoy it so much they take up sailing & membership with us.

The forecast is likely to change but is currently NW, 17mph, so flat & fast.
The format is loose
Members with family & friends can sail around as they see fit, or in armada fashion (maybe to a nearby café??)
Those wanting to BSLSC or BEC as crew may find they are very much in demand & so have frequent crew changes

Either way please reply to me to say whether you intend to turn up on Sat 16 May & if so, are you prepared to take BEC members / BSLSC children out

Look forward to hearing back from you

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