Charity event – Sussex stop AIDS / AIDS Orphan

I’ve been asked to pass on details of this charity / event as someone BEC members may be interested in. Please get in contact with James and not me! (he’s not a member so won’t see any replies to the message)

From James Cole – President of the Sussex Stop AIDS charity.

I am President of the group Sussex Stop AIDS and on behalf of the charity Aids Orphan, we are organising a fundraising trip to Machu Picchu. Aids Orphan is a small yet highly deserving charity. HIV/AIDs is still devastating millions of lives around the world, As their vital projects support some of the most vulnerable in society – we are keen to fundraise as much as we can for them through bringing a large Brighton team of volunteers on the trek to Machu Picchu in late August.
I was wondering if any Brighton Explorers Club members might be interested in getting involved and if you could kindly share our ‘Sussex Climbs Machu Picchu’ Facebook page on your social network pages. We’re hosting an information on Tuesday 17th Nov that it’d be great to see some members of Brighton Explorers Club at!
Thanks – look forward to hearing from you soon

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