Blue linen and duvet for double bed; modest donation appreciated.

Warm double duvet; used but good condition and clean; my new flat is too warm to need this.

Assorted blue bedding:
3 white pillowcases with blue pattern, photo attached
2 light blue pillow cases
2 dark blue pillow cases, photo attached
1 dark blue double duvet cover
3 double flat sheets, mid blue
1 double duvet cover, mid blue
2 pillow cases mid blue, photo attached
1 fitted sheet, mid blue.
See attachments for photos.

All used in my guest room; no longer required, as my new flat doesn’t have a guest room!

Any/all available for a modest donation to the BEC@50 legacy fund.

Flat 18, Coastal Place,
55 New Church Road
07484 758 782

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