Cheddar, Somerset – Sat 14th Feb 2009

An intimate valentines weekend for …15!

Hurrah, finally my first club trip (and trip report – aren’t I good!) So we all made our way westwards (with varying amounts of luck on the route planning) and arrived at the poshest YHA I’ve been in! Proper duvets and sheets now!

Saturday morning, with varying degrees of efficiency, people got themselves ready for action. Some of the braver, more hardy (or substitute silly) opted for climbing as Cheddar Gorge now has a much better range of climbs and so it had to be tried! Apparently it was good – I’ll leave them to give a full run down and I’ll go back when I can sunbathe in between climbs! Those of us who feel the cold more (substitute sensible) opted for 1 of two walks, one that was long and one that was supposed to be shorter (but as people dropped out, me and Chris ended up walking further than my feet were happy with!) But most of us all reached the highest point on the Mendips, trudging through the snow – ok for not exactly the alps but good fun and we just about saw some views.
Then back for a slap up meal well prepared by Bec and Rachel (other Rachel, I only came in at the end!) Then came the hard night of …. jigsaws, card games and sweets! There was some alcohol consumed, but I don’t think we will win any prizes for a party club! Though the phantom late night jigsaw finishers did have a hard night!
The next morning was a bit more leisurely, but again the mad keen climbers set off with new recruits. I’m sure it was colder but they said it was fine once your fingers got used to it! So why were they in the pub by lunchtime?! I set off with a couple of others for a much shorter wander while Elizabeth lead another long walk for those without aching feet.
Then all back in the cars homewards.
Thank you to all for an enjoyable weekend. Now I just have to make sure there are more!

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