Cairngorm Winter Skills

In march I went to Glenmore lodge for a 5 day winter skills course based in the Cairngorm’s.
It was great!
The course focused on learning about the winter hill environment and how to safely enjoy it as a walker. This covered using the gear, from crampons and walking axe to emergency gear such as transievers, probes and snow shovels. Probably the most important learning was about the snow itself, how the weather and terrain interacted to create the snowscape, and the dangers it created.
The course was great fun, the obligatory self arrest and snowhole practices, and the daily Glenmore Lodge tea and cake.
There were some great challenges, navigating with most nav features deep under snow or trying to change layers without freezing our fingers.
The culmination was a winter scramble up Finnicle ridge, and a walk out in the plateau.

The staff, food and accommodation of Glenmore lodge was great too. I highly recommend it.

Posted by: Ben Andrews. June 15, 2014

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