Bank Holiday Weekend – Bude North Cornwall – Sat 23rd May 2009

Had a great time walking to Bude from Appledore with a few mad people before meeting up with the rest of the gang in Bude. Our stay in the garden at Elmscott Youth Hostel attracted some unusual interest…

Great campsite. Good level ground, clean facilities and plenty of hot water – all for a fiver. Nice owners too. What was it called?

It’ll be worth remembering for future trips.

Posted by : Jerry Laurence. 27th May 2009 18:09.

A fantastic weekend, thank you very much to Jo for organising it and for arranging the weather and the sunsets!
A good campsite, definately one to visit again, especially for the price the facilities were great.
Great walking – the cream teas at the end were much needed, good climbing once you found a crag where the access route hasn’t disappeared! Some mad people went surfing – the water did look great, but paddling was enough for me!
And a good outing for the club tent – sat there towering over our little tents for most of the weekend but we then went for ‘how many people can we fit inside it’ on the sunday night. And very good for sheltering under while packing up on the monday!

Posted by : Rachel Goddard. 29th May 2009 16:36.

You can see the almost-deserted campsite at Coxford here:,-4.042969&sspn=16.598477,36.123047&ie=UTF8&ll=50.741154,-4.607606&spn=0.017381,0.051584&t=h&z=15

The full address for the campsite is:
Coxford Meadow, St Gennys, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0NS
The phone number is 01840 230707 – according to Jo, and she should know.

Posted by : Neil Pattinson. 29th May 2009 23:42.

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