Bank Holiday Weekend – Brecon Beacons – Sat 2nd May 2009

So another yet another great weekend away this time staying at the Dan-Y-Ogof showcaves campsite (recommended)

Quite a gang turned up including David H, Simon L, Suzie L, Viv O, Craig, Mike R, and others too many for me to remember at his point in time (I will come back to that)

Anyway Sat and we cavers had yet another appointment with Dan-Y-Ogof beyond the show cave, but guess what it was flooded to the roof so we had to make do with Tunnel cave which is 2.5 km long and accessed via another show cave, it’s always fun to watch peoples faces as you appear from a hole in the ground in a cave which they have paid to get into saying to each other “well that saved us a few quid then”

Sunday dawned bright and the intrepid team were off down into the dark again this time on the opposite side of the valley to see “The Columns”
These formations are only open on the Sunday before a bankholiday to help perserve them.
We were again lucky to go in with two South Wales Caving Club members one of whom was a Prof of Geology, and the other one of the orignial discoverers of the cave system that now covers over 50km and is the deepest in the uk.

Monday was a bit wet on and off so people packed up the tents and headed off some of us stopped for a river/waterfall walk on the way back (the waterfalls were in full flow) of about four hours starting and finishing at another cave Port-Y-Ogof.

A great weekend thanks for sorting this one out for us David.

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