The club has a small but active windsurfing section.

Regular Activities

Windsurfing occasionally takes place in local waters, but is very dependent on personal skill, wind and sea conditions.

Contact the section leader to join the windsurfing WhatsApp group to keep up with local activities.


Typically windsurfing will take place on trips to areas of the coast or reservoirs with more suitable conditions. Keep an eye on the club events calendar for relevant trips.


The club has a few boards and masts for different conditions available for members to use in club activities. We also have a few wetsuits available.

Getting Started

New windsurfers are advised to complete their RYA Level 1 (or equivalent experience) before participating in windsurfing with the club as we don’t offer formal instruction and finding your feet by yourself can be a slow process!


Members pay for external costs such as any travel, external equipment hire or launching fees.


During Covid windsurfing continued to take place in line with government guidance. Restrictions have since lifted.