During the summer we have Windsurfing on the sea on Wednesdays. Meet at 6.30pm at our club arch; this is down on the beach, just to the east of the West Pier and next to the Brighton Sailing Club arches. Members go out on the sea from there. Now, this is VERY DEPENDENT on personal skill level, wind and sea conditions!

If you are an absolute Newcomer, it is advisable to have a little training at Hove Lagoon prior to going out on the sea, ideally RYA Level 1. This is because the best conditions for learning are with a light wind, but at Brighton this also brings waves. These make balancing difficult; hence the reason to learn on a big pond! I won’t turn people away when the wind and sea are slight, but learning from nothing on the sea is a slow process.

If members want to borrow club equipment at other times, perhaps for a club trip, please contact the section leader well in advance, details as below, to discuss safety arrangements and how to contact a key holder.

In 2011, we went on group training courses to get people started or to improve skills. Very valuable!

For more information, contact the Section Leader below :

Guy Roebuck

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