Mountain Biking

The mountain biking section is active throughout the year, rain or shine. We ride a mixture of cross-country, downland trails and single track. Weekly rides are run at different paces to cater for different levels of ability.

Regular Activities

Weekday rides take place typically starting at 18:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The rides last approximately 2 hours, will end back at the start and usually be followed by food and drink at a pub. Tuesday rides may be longer in summer.

Weekend rides tend to start at 10:30 on Sunday and be a bit longer.

Tuesday rides tend to be at a fast pace, Thursday and Sunday at a moderate pace (including more stops). During Summer we also run lower pace rides on a Thursday.

Keep an eye on the Events Calendar and mountain biking WhatsApp group.


We occasionally arrange dedicated biking weekends away. Also, club multi-activity trips are usually in locations with good mountain biking, and will often see members doing some rides.


Other than a few lights for night-rides, the club doesn’t provide equipment for mountain biking. You’ll need your own bike.

Getting started?

Beginners are welcome to join the mountain biking section. To get the most out of it, you’ll want a little off-road experience and a bit of cycling fitness.

We grade our rides to help you work out which rides are for you:

  • A ride – entails some of the following: it may be over 24 miles long with many steep sections, there will be few stops and the pace will be fast. It will have more technical sections, some of them difficult. You will need to be a very experienced MTB rider for an A ride. This would be a Tuesday ride.
  • B ride – more moderate in pace and the stops will be more frequent, but not that long. It may be over 18 miles long with some steep sections and moderate technical sections. You will need to be fit and have experience of MTB riding for a B ride. This is a Thursday ride or a harder Sunday ride such as a visit to the North Downs.
  • C ride – moderate pace with longer and more frequent stops and a much more sociable style ride. The distance covered may be up to 24 miles, but over a long period of time such as on a Sunday ride. Lunch stops will be included. You will need to be a reasonably fit cyclist, but not a fast cyclist for a C ride. This could be a Thursday ride or Sunday ride
  • D ride – an easy paced ride with frequent stops. It will be less than 14 miles and will have easy technical sections and fewer climbs. You will need to be fit but may have little experience of cycling off road. this will be an easy ride or an easy Sunday ride


On trips you’ll need to pay for travel and accommodation. If car-sharing, you might want to contribute some petrol money.


During Covid group sizes were limited, initially to pairs and then to fit with the rule of 6. These restrictions have since lifted.