We do mountain biking and road cycling, please scroll down for details about road cycling.

You have found your way to the pages of the BEC biking section. We mainly do off road cycling, all year round, day and night riding, rain or shine. For evenings we start cycling at 18:30 from various locations around the Brighton & Hove area and finish about 2 hours later at the same point, where we will go to a pub for food and drink. The Tuesday rides tend to be the fastest, with the Thursday and weekend rides being a moderate pace; during the summer we also organise easier rides on Thursdays as well.

Weekend rides tend to be at a Thursday pace, and usually start around 10:30am on Sunday again from around the Brighton & Hove area.

For an idea of the bike rides that we do please look at David Shaw’s web pages, He has recorded numerous rides for you to look at.

There are always at least two off road bike rides a week, usually more, especially in the summer. There will always be a 2 hour cycle on Tuesday evening and Thursday evening, and usually a longer Sunday cycle on a weekend. We also occasionally arrange biking weekends away, or other social events on top of the already packed BEC Calendar.


Night riding off road light sugestions. A collection of variously priced torches, brackets and bike lights suitable for riding off road over the dark winter nights.


We do cross country Mountain Biking all year round with three organised rides per week, catering for a range of fitness and ability levels. The riding is a good mixture of cross-country downland trails and singletrack and our rides can range from an easy going 2 hour ride to an all day epic. To get the most out of riding with BEC, you will ideally have some off road experience and a good level of fitness. We take turns to organise and lead the rides.

The night rides (Tuesdays and Thursdays during the winter months) are excellent fun and a good way to keep your fitness up through the winter. We have a limited number of good off road lights that you can borrow, though it’s recommended that you purchase your own if you night ride regularly. These rides are usually about 2 hours long and start and finish at the same location (normally a pub so we can have drinks, food and post-ride analysis afterwards)

Tuesday evenings are a faster pace with few stops. We tend to seek out hills and singletrack and in the summer may sometimes ride for up to 4 hours. If you are a fit and experienced mountain biker this ride could be for you.
Thursday nights are a more moderate pace, covering less miles and with more stops. In the summer we run an additional easier ride on Thursday nights.
Sundays are a moderate pace but usually slightly longer ride (3-4 hours) and we may go further afield, heading to the Surrey Hills singletrack for example.
We also grade our rides, so that club members can decide if the ride is one that they will enjoy:

Ride grading system here:
An A ride entail some of the following, it may  be over 24 miles long with many steep sections, there will be few stops and the pace will be fast. It will have more technical sections, some of them difficult. You will need to be a very experienced MTB rider for an A ride. This would be a Tuesday ride

A B ride will be more moderate in pace and the stops will be more frequent, but not that long. It may be over 18 miles long with some steep sections and moderate technical sections. You will need to be fit and have experience of MTB riding for a B ride. This is a Thursday ride or a harder Sunday ride such as a visit to the North Downs.

A C ride will be a moderate pace with longer and more frequent stops and a much more sociable style ride. The distance covered may be up to 24 miles, but over a long period of time such as on a Sunday ride. Lunch stops will be included. You will need to be a reasonably fit cyclist, but not a fast cyclist for a C ride. This could be a Thursday ride or Sunday ride

A D ride will be an easy paced ride with frequent stops. It will be less than 14 miles and will have easy technical sections and fewer climbs. You will need to be fit but may have little experience of cycling off road. this will be an easy ride or an easy Sunday ride

For an idea of the routes / distances that we cover, please have a look at David Shaw’s Web Pages, for a collection of local off-road routes.

During the summer we ride on Monday or Tuesday evenings, usually starting at 6.30pm and head out on country roads for anywhere between 10 and 20 miles, most commonly ending up in a pub. Some rides start from the Brighton and Hove area but others start from a country pub.

Road rides on Saturdays or Sundays occur on an intermittent basis throughout the year whenever anyone feels like organising them. They vary from short to rather longer.

We run regular club trips to various UK locations and MTB trail centres. Accommodation for these is usually camping or bunkhouse depending on the time of year. Some of us also race (either individually or in teams) at MTB events such as Mountain Mayhem, Bontrager 24/12 and Big Dog and take part in organised enduro events. Sometimes BEC members enter Audax or Sportiv rides and we will try to publicise these. We also have other social event, such as summer biking BBQ’s on top of the already packed BEC calendar.

For more information please contact the cycling section leaders.

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