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About BEC

The club is currently running activities in groups of six in line with government guidlines to date.  All activities will be on calender but some bookings will be via spreadsheets on the relevant whatsapp group.   For further information please contact either the appropriate section leader or chair on chair@brightonexplorers.org.


The Brighton Explorers Club is a multi-activity outdoors club based in Brighton. We do a wide variety of activities including rock climbingroad cyclingmountain biking, walking, caving, kayaking, windsurfing, badminton, tennis, coasteering and surfing.

We welcome all levels including beginners, but generally we don’t offer instruction. We are an over 18’s only club, so unfortunately can’t accept minors on any of our activities or events. BEC is keen to encourage and support all members and especially younger members (18-30) to get into the outdoors.

Climbing, cycling, mountain biking and walking happen every week all year round. Kayaking, tennis & windsurfing happen every week during the summer months and badminton during the winter.  We also have white water kayaking trips in the winter.

We have regular weekend trips throughout the year, both locally, nationally and overseas.

BEC also runs regular social activities, be it a Bar-B-Que on the beach or a night at a local pub. We have strong links with Brighton Sailing Club (http://www.brightonsc.org.uk/) and have use of their bar/clubhouse/changing facilities on the sea front.

You must be a BEC member to take part in any of our activities.  If you would like to join then please click on the ‘New Members Registration’ button in the ‘How to join BEC’ box.  For further information either visit our contact page or come along to our New Members Night on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 8:30pm at Brighton Sailing Club, 111 Kings Road Arches, on the lower sea front level, 200 metres to the east of the West Pier, to meet us.

Denise Robins


Club Structure and Aims

The Brighton Explorers Club was set up in 1967 as a means of encouraging young people to enjoy the delights of the Great Outdoors. It must be doing something right as it is still going strong. We now encourage membership for all adults over 18.

BEC is a registered charity and we have recently updated our charitable status to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) No: 1156361.

BEC has long prided itself on its flexibility. We do so many activities that members who have joined primarily to take part in one activity often try out some of the others.

The BEC Programme of Events is available to view and download on the website. Dates for weekend trips are decided far into the future, and regular local events like walks and bike rides are fitted in between.

The Club is run by its members, for its members. Every member is expected to ‘do their bit’ to support the Club carry on doing what it has done so successfully for 50 years.

At the top, there is the Committee. They are responsible for the official functions.

Next are the Section Leaders. They are responsible for overseeing their particular activity. They don’t have to do everything themselves and often share the workload with other members.

After that comes the Trip Organisers. They will arrange the weekend trips or weekday activities.

And finally are the Members. They do everything else! Quite often one individual will fall into all four of those categories!

We always need more volunteers to step up and organise stuff. Never mind if you don’t know what to do – there will always be help and advice available. A good way to start is to arrange a local event, be that a walk or a bike ride, or anything else that you think others might like to take part in.

The club has a number of strategic statements that we think help define who we are, they are:

1. The club will be friendly and welcoming, regardless of a person’s gender,
ability, disability, sexuality, cultural background, age or religion
2. The club needs to evolve in order to meet its charitable objects
3. We are happy for the club to grow organically until growth related problems
are identified
4. We are a multi-activity club, we are open to consider all recreational
5. We encourage all members to be active and to contribute to the club
6. We offer members the opportunity to develop skills through formal and
informal training and support members to gain qualifications or undertake
training courses for their own benefit and the future benefit of the club
7. We encourage long-term membership and engagement
8. We attract new adult members of all ages and enable them to become active
9. We are a self funding organisation where the majority of monies are
used in the running of the club and for the benefit of its members
10. We want to stay good value for money
11. We will encourage sustainable practices