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About BEC

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What is BEC?

The Brighton Explorers Club (BEC) is a multi-activity club and charity for over-18s. The club aims to get people active in the great outdoors. While our charitable focus is on young adults, we have (and encourage) active members of all ages.

The club has been active since 1967 and it’s members have run countless trips, activities and social events since then.

How does the club work?

The club is arranged into ‘sections’ (activities). Each section will run regular weekly activities and weekend trips throughout the year.

Our regular weekly sessions usually happen in Sussex or from the Brighton Sailing Club on Brighton Seafront where we have use of changing rooms & the bar.

Weekend trips can be further afield, venturing to national parks within the UK or even internationally!

Club activities are usually run by members, for members. We don’t offer formal instruction (unless arranged with external providers) but do have experienced members in each section who can help out if you’re enthusiastic about an activity.

Sections (Activities)

The club runs loads of activities:

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